Sprout Social’s AI and Automation

Let creativity & strategic thinking take center stage

Sprout’s AI and automation inherits your manual work in publishing, listening, analytics and customer care so your team can prioritize the decision-making no machine can emulate. 

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Leverage AI to do more with less effort

Our proprietary AI and automation accesses more than 10 years of historical social data sets to elevate insights and deliver precise recommendations. Sprout's sentiment and textual analysis paired with our OpenAI integration helps you automate manual tasks and focus on high-impact work.

Power business strategy with AI-driven insights

Make better business decisions with key insights from social media data and other networks.

Minimize manual efforts to elevate customer care 

Analyze customer insights to effectively prioritize and tailor agent responses. 

Accelerate workflows through centralized insights 

Let AI and automation take on manual processes and consolidate your work.

Work smarter, faster using AI and automation

We’ll help you end repetitive, manual tasks in seconds.

Sprout processes an average of 600M messages a day

Enhance your team’s efficiency. Automatically assign priority status and filter high volumes of incoming customer messages so you can maintain focus and address messages in order of importance. 
Source: Sprout Social

Sprout delivers a 233% return on investment

Hit the ground running with analysis-ready models that fit into your existing workflows. Sprout's AI and automation doesn't require manual setup or continuous investment — so you can start seeing value immediately.
Source: Source: Total Economic ImpactTM Study by Forrester Consulting

Make the most of AI & automation

Our seamless onboarding approach will help you quickly capitalize on the benefits of AI and automation. Let Sprout’s AI Assist and automation technology alleviate your manual work in engagement, publishing, analytics and social listening.

Go beyond customer expectations

Accelerate response times with a unified inbox, so you can spend more time connecting on a human level with customers.

  • Resolve customer questions faster with AI-enhanced agent replies
  • Take control of your inbox with automated routing and chatbots
  • Simplify workflows with unlimited tags and bulk actions within cases

Optimize your social content

Increase the impact of your social strategy with precise recommendations and compelling content through Sprout’s AI and automation.

  • Determine best times to post for engagement and impressions with Sprout’s Optimal Send Times
  • Generate engaging captions in seconds with AI and get back time for campaign strategy development
  • Quickly find brand-relevant content to share with your audience using Sprout’s Content Suggestions
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Prove the ROI of your social efforts

Drive business impact across teams with rich social data and dashboards.

  • Identify trending hashtags and topics in your Twitter profile's mentions and replies
  • Create tailored reports that align with your business needs and automate sharing to key stakeholders
  • Drive strategy with analytics across your most important social channels

Discover essential insights

Find the conversational insights that matter most to inform strategy, product innovation, market research and competitive insight.

  • Understand consumer emotions around key topics with Sprout’s proprietary Sentiment scoring model
  • Get ahead of sudden shifts in conversations with custom Spike Alert notifications
  • Identify new changes within a conversation with the trending keywords and hashtags icon

With Sprout we are able to get all our social messages in a single location, and not only see who we need to respond to, but know what actions have already been taken by other team members. That level of collaboration and visibility across multiple people wasn’t something we had before and was something we were really looking for.”

Simon Kopec, Director of Social Media & Content Strategy at Loews Hotels

Ready to streamline your business?

Let us show you how to boost efficiency in your organization with AI and automation built for social media. 

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Schedule a demo to:

  • Have a brief conversation to assess what Sprout can do to help your social strategy
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