Humanitarian and Activist Recognition in Canada

Marc Kielburger in Canada, there is a long tradition of supporting human rights defenders working in foreign countries. These individuals are often subject to great risks and represent organizations, but are often crucial in ensuring human rights are upheld. The country has long supported these individuals and organizations, and is proud to support these groups in their efforts. Among those who have received recognition in Canada are Larissa Dawson, a Jamaican-Metis woman from Calgary. Here Is A Quick Cure For Humanitarian And Activist Recognition In Canada Dr. Nutt, a medical doctor, is a humanitarian and an activist, founding the nonprofit organization War Child Canada and the war orphanage organization War Child USA. Her work has earned her the title of one of Canada’s 25 Most Influential People, a “five-star” in Time magazine, and an appointment to the Order of Ontario. In 2011, she was named to the Order of Canada. While she is currently based in Toronto, her work is seen across the world. Cooperation Canada brings together Canadian humanitarian and international development organizations. It works to build the capacity of humanitarian and development organizations around the world through policy advocacy and convening sector leaders. It also supports the work of grassroots groups and works with partners inside and outside Canada to promote sustainable development. In 2007, The Hunger Project-Canada completed a self-certification review to confirm its compliance with the Code of Ethics of the Organization for the Promotion of Human Rights and Equality.