The Rangitikei River Rafting Experience

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The Rangitikei River rafting experience will take you through an area of spectacular scenery. The roaring waters of the river will take you through a papa gorge, towering white cliffs, and secret waterfalls. During the rafting adventure, you’ll see an abundant trout population frolicking in the clear, turquoise water. Class V rapids are also part of the adventure. The best time to raft on the Rangitikei is during the summer months when the rivers are teeming with life.

How To Turn The Rangitikei River Rafting Experience Into Success

The grade 5 white water section of the Rangitikei was first rowed in 1978. The earliest trips were made by metal canoes and fibreglass kayaks, which had to be portaged through most of the rapids. Commercial white water rafting started in the early 1980s and River Valley Lodge in Taihape ran the first rafting trips in 1982. Guide Brian Megaw began guiding in 1986 and has been a part of the Rangitikei rafting experience ever since.

The Rangitikei River rafting experience offers everything you need for an epic river trip. The rugged gorges and crystal clear water provide the perfect backdrop for a Lord of the Rings-style adventure. And, if you’re brave enough, you can stop at a secret waterfall to swim and eat a picnic lunch while enjoying the scenery. The river’s gorge is one of the most stunning in the world, and it is a true New Zealand highlight.

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